CEO Message

Eng. Saleh Ahmed Hefni

Halwani Bros, a well-established food manufacturing company, is the leading producer and distributor of Middle Eastern food products such as sweets, bakery products stuffed with dates, dairy, processed meat, jam and juices among others, manufactured in our production facilities in two countries – Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

With an experienced management team along with a skilled workforce that brings together complementary strengths, we work together towards a clear vision - to be a premier food company, offering superior tasting and high quality Middle Eastern food products to all customers around the globe. Thus, we endeavor to make our quality products savored not only around the Middle East, but with a network of 20 distributors in Europe, South-East Asia and the Americas, we strive hard to make them available worldwide.

Building on over 50 years of achieving excellence in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) market, Halwani Bros continued to improve its operating performance and its competitive position in this sector. An extensive review of the company’s organisational structure and business processes in the last couple of years has brought about significant changes in the company’s performance. Innovative strategies were developed and implemented, fresh and promising personnel came on board, and our new state-of-the-art industrial complex started recently to operate.

In addition to organic growth, we seek to extend the business through mergers and acquisitions along with strategic alliances, thereby increasing shareholders value. As the CEO of the company, I am committed to sustaining the needs of all of our stakeholders (customers, suppliers, the Board and our workforce) and our shareholders. Our relationship with our customers will continue to be based on integrity, trust, positive values, open communication, and quality products.

We hope that you find our website both useful and informative - whether you are one of our shareholders, a future investor, a business partner, a customer, a consumer or simply a person interested to know more about our organization.

We look forward to your steady support as Halwani Bros continue to deliver on our commitments.