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Join us and you'll not only become part of one of the largest Middle Eastern brands, but a constantly evolving organization that offers a culture of flexibility, opportunity, equality and diversity.

We believe that work is more than a place you go to every day. It should be a base for exploration, creativity, professional growth and interpersonal relationships. It's about being inspired and motivated to achieve extraordinary things. We want our people to take pride in their work and in building brands others love.

At Halwani Bros, you can be part of something big. Check out our variety of available job opportunities where you can build a rewarding career.



Halwani Wow Culture


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Succession Plan Program:

To identify and develop new leaders who can replace old leaders when they leave, retire. It increases the availability of experienced and capable employees that are prepared to assume these roles as they become available.

Continuous Learning & Development Environment: 

We at HB adapt the concept of Learning and development, HR, aims to improve group and individual performance by increasing and honing skills and knowledge. Learning and development is part of HB talent management strategy and is designed to align group and individual goals and performance with HB’s overall vision and goals.


Career path/ career ladder system:

 HB Career Path means the various positions an employee moves on one by one as he grows in HB. The employee may move vertically most of the time but also move laterally or cross-functionally to move to a different type of job role.

Career path is used to provide employees with a realistic picture of their position in the coming years in order to retain them. Having a clear idea about future positions and job responsibilities, the employee and the company can work to identify areas where relevant training is required for the employee to build his competencies to fulfill future job requirements.



Internship/summer training programs:

HB provides work experience for a period of time to expand an intern’s/ summer trainee knowledge both in their studies and also at the company. The programs are designed for college and school students will be introduced to our work environment and given the job knowledge and skills to prepare for their future. The selected applicants must complete the entire program to qualify for its benefits 


To Request a visit to our factories in Jeddah please contact: 8002441112



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