Chairman Message

Engr.Abdulaziz Mohamed Abdo Yamani

Since its founding in the 1950s, Halwani Bros has been committed to deliver quality Middle Eastern food products to the public, using original recipes along with modern machinery, advanced manufacturing techniques and hygienic methods.

Over the years, Halwani has succeeded in realising its vision of becoming a market leader and promoting its heritage across the region and worldwide.

We are committed to satisfy our customers’ needs by offering quality and innovative food products and increasing our market share to guarantee sustainable growth to our business for added value to our investors.

We do that with confidence in our profession, people, suppliers and processes. The company has been awarded several international certificates as a recognition of its excellence in the food manufacturing industry.

Halwani Bros conducts business in line with the needs and expectations of all its stakeholders – customers, investors, suppliers, communities and employees.