Quality - the key to customer satisfaction

Halwani Bros enjoys the confidence of our many customers worldwide. Our team has always adhered to its core principle - “quality is the key to customer satisfaction” – and it’s part of Halwani’s tradition. Our commitment to customers is via high quality products that have been trusted for so many decades. We focus on quality and the basis of our operations is geared towards customer satisfaction. Our employees share the company’s corporate values and work together to bring our mission to fruition.

The formula to quality products.

Our promise of quality has been strengthened by the creation of our quality control policy that has been adopted by each and every member of the organisation. We take quality concern seriously and we stipulate:

  • That customer satisfaction is a matter for all employees.
  • That we ensure that customer satisfaction is achieved across all operations – from production to distribution – and this can only be fulfilled by competent people with a positive attitude in upholding our culture of quality mind-set.
  • That we constantly improve our processes and products, and seek to innovate further to provide better products for customers’ future requirements.
  • That we deliver consistent quality products.
  • And that we timely address customer feedback, suggestions and complaints to keep our customers continuously satisfied.

It is this approach that keeps Halwani’s products trusted all these years. Our Customer Service Department handles any suggestions, comments and feedback, and they have been doing this efficiently and continuously improving over the last decades. Our aim is to reduce the number of complaints to zero.