Industrial City - Jeddah

Mar | 2016

In the New Year 2016, the company opened a poultry plant in Egypt. It also opened a huge industrial edifice which consists of a group of factories in the industrial city Jeddah Industrial City Phase IV. This is in line with the evolution of supply and demand on the company products that happened in the previous years. We are keen to ensure offering the consumer with the best products in both Saudi and Egyptian markets.

Egypt Factory

Jun | 1987

Halwani Bros Company wasn’t satisfied with sales and marketing policy only. But it turned to circulation policies. This transformation is one of the best achievements achieved after officially joining to Dallah Al Baraka Company. This supported upgrading quality standards of packaging and wrapping of products and increasing the proportion of sales and total net profits. In conjunction with this, the company opened an integrated factory in Cairo, Egypt for food manufacturing. The Egyptian market is one of the excellent markets which the company are working in. The company achieved great fame in this market and it earned the trust of the Egyptian consumer. This enabled the company to make huge profits.

Port Factory

Jan | 1962

The simple project over time turned into an officially registered company. It started to use modern and sophisticated methods for manufacturing and distribution. The company began the expansion and evolution. It opened new and various factories in the Al mina road in the city of Jeddah in 1962. It expanded in producing food and it started to produce processed, cooked, smoked and frozen meat, In addition to producing fresh dairy cheese and ice cream.

Alsham factory

Jan | 1950

Halwani Bros Company is one of the most famous Saudi companies in the field of Manufacture and distribution of food. The company was founded in 1950 in the city of Jeddah (Al Sham lane) as a sample family business. The company started to produce “Halawa Tahinia” and it was the company’s main product. From the beginning, the most things that distinguish the company was high quality and wonderful taste. Halwani Bros is famous for 100% natural products. The company doesn’t use any kind of genetically modified food in addition to high quality, delicious taste and competitive price. For this Halwani Bros earned the trust of Saudi consumers.