Guidelines on ethical procurement

Halwani Bros develops strong and sustainable relations with all our partners, and that includes our suppliers. We have drawn up guidelines on ethical procurement and aspire to develop long-standing, sustainable relationships with our suppliers.

Our procurement procedures involve:

• Integrity and honesty

• Trust and common interest

• Respect for people, communities and the environment

Our Purchasing Code of Conduct outlines the basic principles in managing our relations with our suppliers. In order for us to progress mutually, our principles must also be yours.

We nurture a culture of quality in Halwani and we expect our suppliers to share this culture with us. All our suppliers must comply with the domestic and international regulations and policies relating to raw materials supply and food manufacturing in the countries where they conduct their business.

Quality & sustainability

Halwani Bros has been in the food production industry for the past 6 decades, making us one of the country’s pioneers in the food industry, thus setting the standard in quality for food manufacturing and distribution.