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Halwani Bros Company is one of the most famous Saudi companies in the field of Manufacture and distribution of food. The company was founded in 1950 in the city of Jeddah (Al Sham lane) as a sample family business. The company started to produce “Halawa Tahinia” and it was the company’s main product. From the beginning, the most things that distinguish the company was high quality and wonderful taste. Halwani Bros is famous for 100% natural products. The company doesn’t use any kind of genetically modified food in addition to high quality, delicious taste and competitive price. For this Halwani Bros earned the trust of Saudi consumers.

Halwani Halawa
Al-Nakhla Finest Tahina
Halwani Jams
Halwani Maamoul
Breaded Chicken

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Halwani Burger